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PhD defences

  • Han Hu (21-09-2022) “The sociophonetics of rhotacization in the Beijing speech community” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Yliana Rodriguez (14-06-2022) “Spanish English contact in the Falkland Islands: an ethnographic approach to loanwords & place names” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Saskia Lensink (04-06-2020) “Processing lexical bundles” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Eleanor M. Dutton (12-12-2019) “Language diversity in the psycholinguistic study of sentence form variation” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Yifei Bi (13-11-2019) “The production and perception of incomplete tonal neutralization: Evidence from Dalian Mandarin” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Arum Perwitasari (19-02-2019) “The acquisition of English vowels by Javanese and Sundanese native speakers” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Min Liu (01-11-2018) “Tone and intonation processing: From ambiguous acoustic signal to linguistic representation” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Bobby Ruijgrok (31-05-2018) “Tapping into Semantic Recovery. An event-related potential study on the processing of Gapping and Stripping” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Yang Yang (30-05-2018) “The two sides of wh-indeterminates in Mandarin: A prosodic and processing account” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Zohreh Shiamizadeh (05-04-2018) “Prosody and processing of Persian wh-in-situ questions” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Margarita Gulian (31-10-2017) “The development of the speech production mechanism in young children: Evidence from the acquisition of onset clusters in Dutch” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Mulugeta Tsegaye (05-07-2017) “Plural gender: Behavioral evidence for plural as a value of Cushitic gender with reference to Konso” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Daan van de Velde (05-07-2017) “The processing of Dutch prosody with actual and simulated cochlear implants” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Man Wang (05-07-2017) “A psycholinguistic investigation of speech production in Mandarin Chinese” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Mahmood Yenkimaleki (07-06-2017) “Effect of prosody awareness training on the quality of consecutive interpreting between English and Farsi” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Olga Kepinska (01-06-2017) “The neurobiology of individual differences in grammar learning” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Amanda Post da Silveira (13-12-2016) “Word stress in second language word comprehension and production” (Radboud University, Nijmegen) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Qian Li (10-02-2016) “The Production and Perception of Tonal Variation. Evidence from Tianjin Mandarin” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Junru Wu (22-07-2015) “Tonal Bilingualism. The case of two closely related Chinese dialects” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Anne M. van der Kant (28-01-2015) “Neural correlates of vocal learning in songbirds and humans cross-species fMRI studies into individual differences” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Jurriaan Witteman (18-12-2014) “Towards a cognitive neuroscience of prosody perception and its modulation by alexithymia” (Leiden University; with distinction) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Jessie S. Nixon (14-10-2014) “Sound of mind. Electrophysiological and behavioural evidence for the role of context, variation and informativity in human speech processing” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Kalinka Timmer (26-09-2013) “A cross-linguistic investigation of the onset effect in reading aloud: No need to mope about the MOPE” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Jun Lai (26-02-2013) “The learnability of center-embedded recursion: experimental studies with artificial and natural language” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Daniil Umanski (18-09-2012) “The use of technological support in communication disorders. How development of computer-based tools refine the treatment of motor speech disorders” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Rinus Verdonschot (12-05-2011) “Word processing in languages using nonalphabetic scripts: The cases of Japanese and Chinese” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Stefanie Pfeifer (17-02-2011) “At risk for psychosis. Exploring cognition as intermediate phenotype” (Maastricht University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Teresa Schuhmann (03-06-2010) “The what and when in brain stimulation. Studying language production and deception with optimized neuronavigated transcranial magnetic stimulation” (Maastricht University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Lesya Y. Ganushchak (12-03-2008) “The nature of the verbal self-monitor” (Leiden University) (“promotor” [supervisor])
  • Nina Groten (10-03-2008) “Parallel activation of different word forms – Investigation of speech production by means of associates” (Bonn University) (supervisor)
  • Joana Cholin (16-06-2004) “Syllables in speech production” (Radboud University, Nijmegen) (co-supervisor)