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English Vowel Production and Perception of Javanese and Sundanese Learners

vowelPhD students: Arum Perwitasari
Supervisors: Dr. Yiya Chen (LUCL), Prof. dr. Niels Schiller (LUCL), Prof. dr. Marian Klamer (LUCL)

A study on a local language would be interesting in order to shape a thorough understanding on any possible impact of regional languages to English standard language learning. This study is going remedy this gap in the literature by examining vowel production and perception of Javanese and Sundanese Learners of English in order to more fully investigating the effect of L1 to TL vowel production, in the perspective of experimental and cognitive view. The study "English Vowel Production and Perception of Javanese and Sundanese Learners" comprises an attempt to a fundamental research in the speech of Second Language Learners (SLL). It is to examine deeper how SLL manage to produce and perceive L2 vowel sounds. The production and perception experiment are completed in different session.

The production study involves the participants pronouncing list of words in controlled sentences that are recorded for the analysis of quality (F1,F2 and F3) and quantity (duration). The perceptual experiment involves presenting listener with sounds and asking them to identify sound they have heard for the analysis of error rates, spatial attraction, reaction times. The sounds in the task are prepared to examine perception of SLL by seeing hand movement response.