Research areas

niels schillerMy research areas are psycho- and neurolinguistics. In particular, I am investigating syntactic, morphological, and phonological processes in language production and reading aloud. Furthermore, I am interested in articulatory-motor processes during speech production, language processing in neurologically impaired patients, and forensic phonetics.


Niels Schiller, research areas


SpraakZien - De bril met ondertiteling

"Spraakzien - De bril met ondertiteling"
Naturalis After Dark Festival - European Researchers' Night
25 September 2015

SpraakZien - Ondertitelingsbril voor slechthorenden

"SpraakZien - Ondertitelingsbril voor slechthorenden
Radio Sleutelstad 93.7 FM, Leiden
1 July 2015